LHS-U Remodel 2012

Aug 27

Construction Update:

  • Most of the furniture has arrived
  • Study room and teaching/study room (The Big Room)technology has been installed
  • Glass storefront and doors have been installed
  • Clean-up work has begun

Aug 2

Construction Update:

  • Blinds have been installed
  • Collaboration tables in 2 of the small study rooms installed
  • Large LCD TVs installed in 2 of the small study rooms
  • Projectors and screens installed in the instruction/study room
  • Installation of the glass to enclose the rooms has begun

Jul 5

Construction Update:

  • Carpet and baseboard have been installed

Jul 3

Construction Update:

  • Lighting completed
  • Ceiling completed
  • HVAC updates completed
  • Temporary wall to block off construction zone removed
  • Track for glass store-front walls to close off new rooms installed
  • Glass and doors have been ordered
  • Carpet has been delivered and floor prep has begun

Jun 19

Construction update:

  • Drywall in the new study rooms has been painted
  • A lot of the detailed electrical work has been completed
  • The ceiling grid is almost completely re-installed
  • Lighting for all new spaces is nearly complete
  • Furniture has been ordered

May 30

Construction Update:

  • The lighting fixture upgrade in parts of the library outside the construction zone is complete
  • HVAC work has neared completion
  • Electrical rough-in complete, some of the detailed electrical work has begun
  • Drywall to enclose the study rooms has been hung and is almost ready for paint

May 14

Construction Update:

  • Work on the HVAC system has started
  • New heating coils installed under all our new windows
  • Old ducts removed
  • New ducts installed
  • A lighting fixture upgrade is underway throughout many parts of the first floor of the library, not just in the construction zone

Apr 16

Construction Update:

  • The last bank of faux windows were replaced with new ones
  • Framing for the new small study rooms began

Apr 10

Construction Update:

  • Pipes for the heating elements under the new windows were installed
  • Most of the old faux windows were removed
  • NEW windows took their place

Mar 30

Construction Update:

  • The grid for the ceiling tiles and lights was taken down
  • The bulkheads to support the glass walls of the study rooms and instruction room have been sheathed in drywall

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